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Today marks an interesting day for the show, site, and the network and what better way to introduce something new than with some behind the scenes stuff. Today, we officially launch articles for the site. It’s not quite news, but it will relate in a way to each of the shows. For articles on My So Called 8bit Life, you should expect to see articles on podcasting, behind the scene documents, and some fun stories. We’re going to start with something unedited and raw. Recently I launched a Patreon for this show and it took a lot of thought and planning. I’m including here my original text for the page. It’s a little personal and way different from what is on the page now, but you might as well see where my headspace was. Enjoy.

Hello there. My name’s Roberto Villegas and I make online content. I work on various shows, segments for other shows, plan, create, and even manage a little site of my own. Creating conent for people to consume and enjoy is pretty much my job…my second job, but a job none the less. The problem is making free content isn’t free. Bandwidth, server costs, CDNS, software, and peoples time cost money. Now, traditionally these costs would be covered by advertiser, but I want to do something different. Advertisers are not bad in their own right, but they do add an influence to the show out of the creators and listeners hands. If it were up to me, the only I want is the listener/viewer. That’s where you come in. If you can part with some money and want to show your support to the show, we’re collecting it on a monthly basis. The best part of this is not only are you helping 8bit Life out, but you’re helping me out. By helping me out, you’re helping the network out that powers alll sort of content. It goes like this : power the show, power the man, power the network. I’ve got some basic tiers setup, but all we are asking for at the least is $1 a dollar a month or about $.25 a show. We’ve got some higher tiers, but no matter what tier you’re on, you’ll get some added value in not only helping out the show, but getting advance info on all things 8bit Life. It’s my way of saying thanks. We have some initial milestones set up, but I’ve got some planned if/when all the intial ones are met.

Now I know some of you guys just can’t part with the cash, but still want to help. The best way to help is to tell people of the content. Telling people you know would love the show is a great way to help out the show. If you can’t do that, simply leave a review wherever you’re lisenting/watching the show. Just listening helps the show, so don’t feel bad if you can’t put in the cash. If you’re a listener, you’re the most important person to the show at all times.

Thank you for reading this and listening to the content. This is starting out small, but there are things planned as it ramps up.

Well there you have it. It’s rough, personal, and me. If you’re interested in supporting the show, head on over to I’ve got some really awesome planned articles coming up in the coming weeks and months so I hope you enjoy reading.